This page is part of my Central Lighting modification where I used Light My Bricks (LMB) lighting components to light and power the entire model from a single power source.

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to attempt these modifications, you assume all risks thereof. I just wanted to share my experiences here. Neither Fanhome/DeAgostini, nor myself, are responsible for any damages that may occur.


Step 1

Remove the three (3) EM screws of the Helmet Baseplate and gently remove the lower part of the head. Then, remove the two (2) EM screws holding the LED support in place and pull it out.

Before I started, I removed the Mask from my Helmet just to keep it from being damaged while I worked on the head:

Step 2

Twist the two stock LED bulbs free of the LED Support:

In their place, super glue two of the Bit Lights here instead. Make sure they are facing the right way, as shown.

Using a gel-type glue makes this process easier as the square holes are only slightly smaller than the Bit Lights:

Step 3

Fit the LED Support back inside the head and secure it into place with the removed EM screws.

Remember not to over-tighten these screws. As you can see with the upper screw, I cracked the plastic tab by tightening it too much:

Step 4 (Optional)

If you don’t mind two cables coming out of the head and going into the chest (instead of one), this step can be skipped.

To hide this extra lighting wiring on our model as much as possible, we can have only a single cable coming out of the head. Plug the two Bit Lights of the head into sockets of a 6-Port Expansion Board. In another socket of this board, connect a 15 cm Connecting Cable.

Be sure to pay attention to how the LMB connectors fit together and do not force them. Instructions are typically included with all LMB orders:

Then, tuck the Expansion Board and the extra Bit Light wiring into the open space inside the Helmet:

Step 5 (Optional)

To test these lights, connect power to the Expansion Board using the USB Power Cable (or other 5V power source).

During this test, I noticed my Bit Lights had a small bright spot showing through the white Visor Base lens. Therefore, I use a small piece of white paper napkin to help diffuse the lighting a bit. This made a huge difference on my model:

Step 6

Drilled a small 2mm hole through the plastic Helmet Baseplate at this location:

Step 7

Feed the plug(s) of the LMB lighting out of the head through this hole:

Step 8

While making sure not to trap/pinch any wiring, reassemble the Helmet:

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