This page is part of my Central Lighting modification where I used Light My Bricks (LMB) lighting components to light and power the entire model from a single power source.

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to attempt these modifications, you assume all risks thereof. I just wanted to share my experiences here. Neither Fanhome/DeAgostini, nor myself, are responsible for any damages that may occur.


Before we can close up the Chest section in Issue 86, we first need to jump ahead and connect the Arc Reactor, Arms, Neck, and Helmet assemblies to our core LMB components. Therefore, I will recap some of the build steps to construct those sections here before the instructions tell us to.

Arc Reactor
Step 1

As the Arc Reactor will be lit this mod, I removed the Reactor Mast assembly from the back of the ARC Reactor Holder. The stock switch is no longer used, so this was simply to make it easier to close up the Chest structure:

Step 2

Feed the plug of the modified Arc Reactor assembly through the hole in the back of the Reactor Holder:

While feeding the Reactor wire through, seat the Reactor in the Holder as shown:

Step 3

Connect the plug of this Reactor wire to a socket on a 6-Port Expansion Board, as shown.

Pay close attention that these plugs are inserted correctly, matching the shape and pins for a proper connection:

Step 4

Bring the Right Arm assembly near the Chest structure and feed the Right Hand plug through this opening around the Right Shoulder Joint:

Step 5

While pulling the wire slack through, fit the Right Arm to the Right Shoulder Joint and secure it into place.

During the normal course of the build, these Arms are installed in Issue 91 – we are just jumping ahead here so we can close up the Chest structure now. On the Right Shoulder Joint, there is a large flat surface, marked here:

The opening on the Right Shoulder is the same shape, so match these up and slide the Right Arm onto the Shoulder Joint, as shown:

Secure the Arm into place from the back with two (2) SP screws – I needed to use spare screws from Issues 87-90 here:

Step 6

Connect this Right Arm plug to an open socket on the same 6-Port Expansion Board with the Arc Reactor plug, as shown:

Step 7

In the same way, attach the Left Arm assembly and connect its LMB plug to the same 6-Port Expansion Board, as shown.


In Issue 88 and Issue 89, we are supposed to build the Neck assembly and attach it to the Chest structure. However, to close up the Chest structure during Issue 86, we need to assemble it early and connect the Helmet along the way.

Step 8

To quickly assemble the Neck parts from Issue 88, first fit the Neck Joint Support to the Neck Bearing as shown and secure these together with one (1) TP screw.

This connection is supposed to use an SP screw, but I already used them all (plus spares) to connect the Arms to the Chest early. I recommend making this screw as tight as possible without cracking the plastic as it needs to support the weight of the Helmet:

Then, to make some room for our Helmet wiring I used a round needle file to cut a small groove in the Neck Bearing, seen here:

Step 9

Also from Issue 88, fit the two Neck Base parts together as shown and secure them with two (2) LP screws:

Step 9

From Issue 89, fit the Neck Base assembly to the Front Neck Plate as shown, and secure these together with two (2) GP screws:

Step 10

Retrieve your Helmet assembly and pop the ball of the Neck Bearing into the socket of the Helmet, as shown.

This requires a bit of force, just be steady and deliberate:

Step 11

Slide the groove of the Front Neck Plate assembly onto the Neck Joint Support from under the chin of the Helmet, as shown:

Route the Helmet wiring through the Neck Bearing groove, around the center of the Neck Plate, and then out the bottom as shown:

Step 12

Fit the Back Neck Plate to the Front Neck Plate, making sure not to trap or pinch the Helmet wiring. Then, secure these Plates together with two (2) KP screws:

Step 13

While keeping the Helmet wiring out of the way, push the socket of the Neck Base down onto the Neck Joint (79F) as shown.

I popped this into place then realized we need a way to get the Helmet wiring into the Chest. Therefore, I had to remove it again and use my round needle file to cut a groove in the Chest Structure. To prevent the wire from being damaged, I also packed the area with some black putty:

This is a picture of me connecting the Neck to the Chest before I realized the Helmet wire needed a place to go:

Step 14

Connect the Helmet plug to an open socket of the same 6-Port Expansion Board as before:

Step 15

Connect a Connecting Cable – 30cm to an open socket of the same 6-Port Expansion Board. This will be routed down into the Abdomen as we build that section.

NOTE: Pictured here is a 15cm cable that I later swapped out for a 30cm cable to give us more slack in the abdomen area:

Step 16 (Optional)

I used some double-sided tape to attach this 6-Port Expansion Board to the back of the Arm Base, as shown. This was just to keep it from rattling around inside the Chest:

Quick Lighting Test

I attached the USB Power Cable to the 6-Port Expansion Board and connected it to power to test our central lighting so far. It works!

I did notice some of the Helmet visor light spilling out from below the chin. Therefore, I used a bit more black putty to block out this light bleed:

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