This page is part of my Central Lighting modification where I used Light My Bricks (LMB) lighting components to light and power the entire model from a single power source.

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to attempt these modifications, you assume all risks thereof. I just wanted to share my experiences here. Neither Fanhome/DeAgostini, nor myself, are responsible for any damages that may occur.

Arc Reactor

Step 1

Remove the two (2) AM screws holding the Reactor Housing in place and set the Reactor Crown assembly aside:

Step 2

Pull the LED Support away from the Reactor Housing, bringing the wiring with it. Twist the stock LED out of the LED Support:

Step 3

Carefully drill a 2mm hole through the back of the Reactor Housing in the location shown:

Step 4

Secure a Bit Light facing into the opening of the LED Support from the back side, as shown.

Again, I used super glue gel here:

Step 5

Feed the plug of the Bit Light back through the Reactor Housing and out through the drilled hole:

Step 6

Carefully tuck the stock wiring and LED inside the Reactor Housing and replace the LED Support.

Step 7

Reassemble the Reactor Housing to the Reactor Crown using the removed screws.

After reassembly, I powered up this new Bit Light to make sure it worked OK:

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