Issues 39+ Delayed

My latest shipment should have contained Issues 39-42 of our Fanhome 1:3 scale Iron Man Mark III Armor build, but instead they sent me Issues 35-38 again. I opened a ticket with their support team and they resent the shipment. This replacement shipment ALSO contained Issues 35-38. I was very confused as to what was going on.

Then today, I received an email from Fanhome regarding this problem and that it should be fixed soon…

Hi Collector,

We hope you are enjoying your Iron Man Mark III Armor. We at Fanhome strive for excellence in everything we do and we are committed to bringing you the best fan experience possible. In your 11th package, you have recently received a second set of the same components from your 10th package instead of the correct components. This was caused by an administrative error in one of our systems. We have corrected this and you will receive your missing pieces with your 14th package shortly.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this, and we would like to remind you that you can contact our customer service team on if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you once again for choosing Fanhome, and we hope you enjoy your collection!

Kind regards,

Fanhome Team

This means the build is delayed again. I will update this post when I have any new information.

UPDATE July 25, 2022: I just received a new package from Fanhome, but it contains Issues 43-46, the Power Bank gift, and the first part of the Premium Base. I am still missing Issues 39-42. I emailed Fanhome and asked about this. They responded with “The issues 39-42 will be included to one of the upcoming packages as there happened a switch up between packages.” I am hoping this is the case as I cannot build anything until then.

UPDATE August 30, 2022: I received another package from Fanhome on August 18th, but it contained Issues 47-50 and another part of the Premium Base. Yet Issues 39-42 are still nowhere to be found. I emailed Fanhome who told me that the missing Issues 39-42 will be included in the next shipment. However, this was supposed to ship on August 27th, and as of today this has not shipped yet. This means I am still in a holding pattern with our Iron Man partwork build.

UPDATE September 24, 2022: Today, I received Issues 51-54 and, low and behold, my missing Issues 39-42 were included. Finally, work can resume on this build. Expect new build pages soon!

5 thoughts on “Issues 39+ Delayed”

  1. At least you got parts 35-38.. In my shipment that should have contained them they sent me 39-42. I opened a ticket on 6/22 and have never gotten a response.

  2. Here in Mexico we´re barely at 11 issue. Hope we can reach you, hahaha. Just a joke. Hope you get you´re missing issues and be able to continue your build. I really really like your work, insted on the magazines i use your lead to build my models. At today i´m building Ecto I, Delorean, Iron Man (obiously) and the Mazinger that´s just arrive here (we are at 2 issue). Send hugs…

  3. My subscription has stopped. Last piece I received was # 34. What is going on with my shipments. There is a card on file.

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