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In this third stage of the Premium Base assembly, we will attach our first Outer Frame and Light Frame.


Materials: The Outer Frame 1 is metal and the Light Panel 1 is plastic.


Mark III Premium Base (3)

Stage 1- Fitting the Light Panel
Step 1

Fit the Light Panel into the Outer Frame, aligning the four mounting tabs to their respective posts.

The raised center of the Light Frame sits down into the opening of the Outer Panel, as shown:

Steps 2-3

Secure the Light Panel to the Outer Frame with four (4) HM screws.

These screws should not be over-tightened as they may crack the plastic of the Light Panel. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

This is how our Outer Frames should look once built:

Stage 2 – Fitting the External Segment
Steps 1-2

Retrieve your Top Cover assembly from the previous stage and turn it upside down. Fit this Outer Frame assembly to this edge location of the Top Cover, aligning the screw holes.

This first Outer Frame should be fitted to where the open hole in the Top Cover is (arrow below), as shown:

Secure the Outer Frame to the Top Cover with three (3) IM screws:


This Outer Frame assembly is the first of six identical segments we will attach to our Top Cover. The Premium Base is going to be heavy!

Next Stage

Premium Base 4 – Outer Frame 2, Light Panel 2

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