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In this second stage of the Premium Base assembly, we will attach the Top Cover Center.


Materials: This Top Cover Center is plastic.


Mark III Premium Base (2)

Stage 1 – Place the Top Cover Center
Step 1

Retrieve your Top Cover assembly from the previous stage. Fit the four posts of the Top Cover Center into the matching holes of the Top Cover, as shown.

This Top Cover Center is symmetrical, so it can be fitted in any position as long as the posts match the holes:

Steps 2-4

Secure the Top Cover Center into place from below with four (4) KP screws.

It is recommend to get all four screws started before tightening them:


There was only one piece to install in this stage, but the upper surface of our Top Cover is now complete!

Next Stage

Premium Base 3 – Outer Frame 1, Light Panel 1

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