This page is part of my Premium Base series of articles.

In the fifteenth and final stage of the Premium Base assembly, we build the Support Rod system.

The steps in this stage will be very similar to the first time we build a Rod like this in Issue 72 and Issue 73.


Materials: The Rods, Brackets, and Spring are metal, the Strips are foam, and the Stickers are vinyl.


Mark III Premium Base (15)

Stage 1 – Support Rod Assembly
Step 1

Slide the narrow end of the Support Rod 1 into the hole at the end of Support Rod 2:

Rotate the Support Rod 1 inside Support Rod 2 until the two holes of the overlapping section line up. Then, insert the two Pins (MM) completely into these holes. If needed, use a small hammer to tap the Pins into place.

I did indeed need to use my small hobby hammer to seat these Pins fully:

Stage 2 – Assembly of the Support Bracket
Step 1

Remove the backing paper from an Adhesive Strip and stick it to this inner curved surface of Support Bracket 1, as shown.

These Adhesive Strips are made of thick foam that will gently support our Iron Man Armor:

Step 2

Repeat the previous step with another Adhesive Strip and using Support Bracket 2, as shown:

Step 3

Fit the Spring inside this keyed recess of Support Bracket 2, making sure the straight end of the Spring is sitting in the slot as shown:

Step 4

Place Support Bracket 1 over the Spring, aligning the other straight end of the Spring to the matching slot of this Support Bracket as shown:

Secure the two Support Brackets together with one (1) GM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal. Once this screw is tightened, you should be able to squeeze the lever of Support Bracket 2 towards Support Bracket 1 to open the ‘jaws’ against the resistance of the Spring:

Stage 3 – Fixing the Support Bracket on the Rod
Step 1

Fit the two posts of the Support Bracket assembly into any of the two large holes in Support Rod 1 as shown.

Three things to mention here: First, you can install this Bracket into any two holes of the Support Rod. It is designed to allow you to adjust the height of the Bracket depending on how you choose to pose your completed Iron Man armor.

Second, the L-shaped end of the Support Bracket should face down towards the bottom end of the Support Rod structure (away from the cone-shaped tip on the top end).

Third, on my model, the holes in Support Rod1 were not the same on each side. The posts of my Support Bracket definitely fit deeper into the holes on one side of the Rod compared to the other. I recommend checking your own Rod and using the holes that allow the Bracket posts to sit farther into the Rod.

Secure the Support Bracket to the Support Rod with two (2) KM screws:

Step 2

Insert the finished Support Rod into the matching hole of the Premium Base. For a tighter fit, wrap one of the Black Stickers around the opposite end (away from the Pin holes) of the Support Rod 2, as shown.

If needed, simply wrap a Black Sticker around the lower part of the Support Mast (below the flange). The second Sticker is a spare:

This stage completes the assembly of the Premium Base. Enjoy displaying your Iron Man Armor on this lighted and rotating foundation!

Stock image for illustrative purposes.