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In the thirteenth stage of the Premium Base assembly, we begin assembling the turntable that will allow our base to rotate.



Materials: The Bearing Balls are metal while the other parts are plastic.


Mark III Premium Base (13)

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Ball Bearing Ring
Step 1

Place the Ball Bearing Ring on your work surface, with the smooth side down as shown:

Fit a Bearing Ball into one of the six circular recesses, as shown:

Fit a Ball Bearing Holder over the Bearing Ball (smooth side up) and align the two mounting tabs to the matching posts, as shown:

Step 2

Secure the Ball Bearing Holder into place with two (2) IP screws.

As you tighten these screws, the Bearing Ball will slightly poke out the other side:

Step 3

Repeat the previous steps to install the other five Bearing Balls and Ball Bearing Holders using ten (10) more IP screws, two for each:

Step 4

Check that all six Bearing Balls can freely rotate within their Holders.

If necessary, you can slightly loosen the IP screws of any Holders that are keeping their respective Bearing Balls from freely rotating.


This is the first of two stages to build a nice turntable that will allow us to easily rotate our completed Premium Base once finished.

Next Stage

Premium Base 14 – Turntable Plates/Covers

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