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In the eleventh stage of the Premium Base assembly, we continue to assemble the Base Segments and lighting.

This stage will be identical to the previous stage, just moving to the next section of the base.


Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this issue are plastic.


Mark III Premium Base (11)

Stage 1 – Placing the LED Strips
Step 1

Peel the backing paper from one side of a Double-Sided Adhesive Tape:

Step 2

Press the exposed adhesive side of this Double-Sided Adhesive Tape into the center of this groove of a Base Segment:

Step 3

Remove the second backing paper from the Double-Sided Adhesive Tape, leaving the adhesive strip behind:

Step 4

Carefully place the smooth side of an LED Strip onto this Adhesive Tape with the wiring heading towards the right, as shown. When happy with the alignment, firmly press the LED Strip into place:

Repeat these steps to install the second LED Strip into the other Base Segment:

Stage 2 – Assembly of the Base Segments
Step 1

Retrieve your Premium Base assembly. As before, fit the two Base End Caps to the seams between two Outer Frames, then secure them to the Base with two (2) JM screws in each:

There are tabs along the sides of these End Caps that fit into the thick groove along the Outer FramesThis is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Turn your Premium Base assembly over and fit one of the Base Segments (with the LED Strip facing down) into this position to the right of the previous segments.

Be careful not to trap or pinch any of the LED Strip wiring while installing these Segments:

Lay the second Base Segment to the right of the first, but do not place it fully yet.

Step 3

Route the plugs of these LED Strips through the base and connect them to sockets ‘E’ and ‘F’ of the Printed Circuit Board, as shown:

Step 4

Fit the second Base Segment fully into place to the right of the previous one:

Step 5

Secure the inner edges of the both Base Segments to the Base Cover with four (4) IM screws, as shown:

Step 3

Secure the outer edges of these Base Segments to the Base End Caps with three (3) LP screws:


We did this in the last stage, so it should feel familiar now. We will do it one more time in the next stage of building this base.

Next Stage

Premium Base 12 – Base Segments, End Caps, LED Strips

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