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“The two pelvis joints for the legs that are assembled in this issue are needed for the elements included in positions C and D. Assembly of position A is also completed in this issue.”

This might be our longest assembly issue in the entire build. Give yourself plenty of time to complete it.



Materials: The Springs are metal, but the remaining parts are plastic in this issue.


  • The History of Iron Man – Iron Man 3030: A Bullet from God
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – The Stark Saga: Family Tree


Pelvis for Positions C and D

Stage 1 – Pelvis for Positions C and D

NOTE: This stage of the issue will have steps very similar to the process we followed back in Issue 65.

Step 1

Fit a Spring over this pin of the a Spring Base:

While holding this Spring in place, fit the Spring Base into one of the Pelvis Joints for Positions C and D (1), as shown.

The free end of the Spring should be fitted into this matching U-shaped tab (circled below) and the pivot pin of the Spring Base fits into this matching hole (arrow below) of the Pelvis Joints for Positions C and D (1):

Fit a Pelvis Joints for Positions C and D (2) to this Pelvis Joints for Positions C and D (1) assembly, capturing the Spring and Spring Base inside, as shown:

Make sure both pivot pins of the Spring Base are in the matching holes of the Pelvis Joints for Positions C and D (circled below). While holding the two Pelvis Joints together, you should be able to push this exposed tab (arrow below) and feel the resistance of the Spring:

Step 2

Secure these Pelvis Joints together with three (3) LP screws:

Step 3

Repeat the previous steps to create an identical copy of the Pelvis Joint, using three (3) more LP screws:

Assembly of Position A

Stage 2 – Joining the Hips to the Legs
Step 1

Retrieve your Hip/Legs assembly from the previous issue and your Central Leg Support from Issue 70. Slide the Central Leg Support onto the center Hip assembly until it clicks into place, as shown:

Step 2

Secure the Central Leg Support into place with two (2) LP screws, one on each side.

To reach these holes, we will need to rotate the legs out of the way. The tape and wiring components you may see in the rest of this stage is part of my Central Lighting mod:

Remember these two screws! Some of the posable positions of our Iron Man Armor will require their temporary removal:

Stage 3 – Assembly of the Complete Model
Step 1

Retrieve your Upper Body assembly from Issue 93. Fit the Upper Body down onto the Hip assembly until it clicks into place:

This step completes the assembly of our Iron Man Armor build in his first poseable position ‘A’. You can retrieve your work Base assembly from Issue 73 to display the model upright, as shown. If you need to hold the feet in place, it is recommended to use a small amount of adhesive putty under them:


I had no idea we were going to complete our Iron Man armor in this issue! The remaining issues contain parts to change out the abdomen/pelvis section so it may be displayed in different poses.

Next Up

Issue 98 – Abdomen/Hips for Position C & D (1)

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  1. Did you receive the deluxe base? If so, the directions show a silver or chrome support rod which I never received, so I had to use the black metal standard one. Just curious.

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