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“After attaching the final abdomen and chest plates, the time has come to assemble all the different parts of the upper body in the Iron Man Mark III armor.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – The End is Nigh: Crisis of Conscience
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • The Armor – War Machine: Model 6


Abdomen (4), Upper Body and Head

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Abdominal Plates
Step 1

Retrieve the Abdominal Plate assembly from the previous issue. Push the two pins of the Left Rear Plate and Right Rear Plate into the matching holes at these locations, as shown.

As I may need to remove this piece later on for my Central Lighting mod, I did not push my Plates fully into place here:

Step 2

Fit the Front Abdominal Plate over the Abdominal Mechanism Plate, aligning the two screw tabs on either side as shown:

Secure the Front Abdominal Plate into place with four (4) EM screws, two on each side.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 3

Press the two pins of the Left Abdominal Plate into the matching holes at this location of the Abdominal Plate, as shown:

In the same way, press the two pins of the Right Abdominal Plate into the matching holes at this location of the Abdominal Plate:

Stage 2 – Installing the Arc Reactor
Step 1

Retrieve your Chest assembly from Issue 86 and your Arc Reactor assembly from Issue 4. Slide the Reactor into the large round opening of the Chest assembly, making sure the rear switch button (circled below) is at the bottom, as shown.

If you are building the stock model, you may want to take a moment to make sure your Arc Reactor has fresh batteries in it and they are working:

Stage 3 – Assembly of the Head

Due to my Central Lighting modifications, I already attached my Arms and Helmet to my Chest back in Issue 86. However, I will go over the steps again here. You may also notice my extra wiring in these pictures.

Step 1

Retrieve your Helmet assembly from Issue 1. Press the Helmet down onto the ball of the Neck Bearing, as shown.

This may take a bit of force. Make sure the Helmet is facing the right way:

Stage 4 – Joining the Arms to the Chest
Step 1

Retrieve your Right Arm assembly from Issue 14. Fit the Right Arm to the Right Shoulder Joint and secure it into place with two (2) SP screws.

On the Right Shoulder Joint, there is a large flat surface, marked here:

The opening on the Right Shoulder is the same shape, so match these up and slide the Right Arm onto the Shoulder Joint, as shown:

Secure the Arm into place from the back side with the two (2) SP screws:

Step 2

Retrieve your Left Arm assembly from Issue 28. In the same way, fit the Left Arm to the Right Shoulder Joint and secure it into place with two (2) SP screws.

With both arms installed, this is what we should have so far:

Stage 5 – Joining the Abdomen and Chest
Step 1

Slide the Abdomen assembly up onto the Chest assembly until it clicks into place, as shown.

You may notice my Central Lighting wiring feeding down through this assembly – check that page for more details:

With this Abdomen attached, we can finish up with our Breastplate next:

Stage 6 – Assembly of the Breastplate
Step 1

Retrieve your Upper Breastplate from Issue 86.  Peel the backing paper from the Adhesive Tab and stick it to this location inside the Upper Breastplate, as shown:

Step 2

Fit the Upper Breastplate to the Chest assembly as shown. It is not secured in place just yet:

Step 3

Retrieve your Breastplate assembly from Issue 87. Fit this Breastplate onto the Chest, capturing the Upper Breastplate as shown:

Secure the Breastplate into place with two (2) IM screws:

Step 4

Check the operation of the Arc Reactor by pushing the Reactor Mast button exposed on the back.

As I am using a Central Lighting mod, I removed this button from my build but this is where it would stick out:

Step 5

Retrieve your two Pectoral Details from Issue 86. Press the pins of these Details into the matching holes of the Upper Breastplate, as shown.

Note the correct orientation of the slots in these Pectoral Details when installing them. When on the correct side, they will fit flush:


Wow, this was a big and busy issue! However, we now have our entire upper body complete from the Helmet to the Abdomen. Our Iron Man model is looking pretty great at this point!

Next Up

Issue 94 – Abdomen – Position B (1)

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