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“The abdomen connects the chest and the waist to complete the central part of the Mark III armor and gives articulation to this area.”




Materials: The Inner Abdominal Plate is metal while the other parts are plastic.


  • At the Cinema – After the Defeat
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Avengers Forever: Heroes for All Eras


Abdomen (1)

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Abdomen

As with my Breastplate Mechanism in Issue 74, I used some Vallejo 73.201 Game Wash Black and some Metallic Sharpies to ‘paint’ various bits of this Abdominal Mechanism Plate to add some color variety:

Step 1

Fit the four posts of the Abdominal Mechanism Plate into the matching holes in the front of the Inner Abdominal Plate, as shown:

Secure these Plates together from the other side with four (4) KP screws:

Step 2

Slide the Abdomen/Chest Connection into this slot of the Inner Abdominal Plate, as shown:

Secure the Connection to the Plate with two (2) IM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


Our Iron Man will be supplied with three different Abdomen and Pelvis assemblies that will connect to this section. These should allow us to put him into various poses. Keep the unused Inner Abdominal Structure safely stored with this assembly until our next shipment arrives.

Next Up

Issue 91 – Abdomen 2

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