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“In this issue, the springs for the connector, and the button that will be used to attach and release the waist and torso, are added to the rear part of the chest armor.”




Materials: The Springs and Pin Shaft are metal, and the other parts are plastic.


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Chest (11)

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Connector Spring
Step 1

Fit the angled end of the Torsion Spring into this hole of the Chest Connector Lever, as shown:

Step 2

Begin sliding the Pin Shaft through this hole of the Chest Connector Base, stopping after passing through the first ‘leg’ as shown:

Step 3

Position the Chest Connector Lever between the legs of the Chest Connector Base as shown. Then, continue to slide the Pin Shaft through the Torsion Spring and into the matching hole of the Lever:

Finish sliding the Pin Shaft through the other side of the Lever and the Base. This Pin should be end up flush on both sides:

Step 4

Press down on the longer end of the Chest Connector Lever and make sure the Torsion Spring returns the Lever to the original position:

Stage 2 – Assembly of the Button in the Chest
Step 1

Retrieve your Back Armor Plate assembly from the previous issue. From the inside, fit the Button/Plate into this matching opening at the bottom of the Armor. Note the orientation of the Button/Plate seen here:

Slide the two Springs over these pins of the Button/Plate, as shown:

Step 2

Position the Chest Connector Base assembly onto the matching posts of the Back Armor Plate as shown, capturing the Springs inside.

The bottom of the Chest Connector Base has two pins:

These pins needs to be fitted into the open ends of the Springs as you move the Base into position. At the same time, make sure the shorter tab of the Chest Connector Lever is resting on top of the Button/Plate (circled below) and not inside it:

Step 3

While holding the Chest Connector Base assembly to the Back Armor Plate, secure these parts together with two (2) HM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Check the final operation of this mechanism by pressing on the Button/Plate from outside the Back Armor Plate. It should engage the Chest Connector Lever and rotate it, as seen here:


This mechanism will allow us to disconnect the Chest section of our Iron Man from the lower Torso and legs. Towards the end of the build, we will have different options with our Abdomen and Pelvis sections to allow the figure to be posed in different positions.

Next Up

Issue 83 – Chest 12

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