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“The assembly of the parts for the central leg support continues. The first piece of the support base, which will be assembled in future stages, is also included.”




Materials: The Rear Center Armor and Springs are metal, while the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – Searching for the Infinity Stones
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Thanos Victorious: The Infinity Gauntlet


Central Leg Support (4)

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Rear Center Armor
Step 1

Fit the Button through the matching opening in the back of the Rear Center Armor, as shown:

Place the two Springs down over the pegs of the Button, as shown:

Step 2

Retrieve your Central Leg Support assembly from Issue 65.

Remember this T-shaped tab and this locating pin for later. They will be used to align this assembly to the Rear Center Armor:

At the back of this Central Leg Support assembly, there are a recessed hole and a post. These will fit over the Springs we just installed:

Fit this Central Leg Support assembly into the Rear Center Armor, centering both posts (seen above) over the Springs, and at the same time aligning the T-shaped tab and locating pin of the Support into their matching locations of the Armor, as shown.

I had to try this a few times to get everything to line up the right way, making sure both Springs were captured correctly:

When fitted correctly, this large tab of the Central Leg Support should be resting in this slot of the Rear Center Armor:

Step 3

Secure the Central Leg Support to the Rear Center Armor with one (1) QP screw:

At this point, we should be able to push the Button in:

The Button should then activate an internal mechanism that retracts this small catch:

Stage 2 – Assembly of the Central Leg Support
Step 1

Retrieve your Right Hip Plate assembly from Issue 68 and your Left Hip Plate assembly from the previous issue. Position these parts on your work surface as shown:

Fit the pins of the two Hip Plates into these holes of the Rear Center Armor, orientating the left and right assemblies as shown.

The pins are different sizes on the left and right sides, so this should help ensure these are installed correctly:

Step 2

Retrieve your Shell assembly from Issue 67. Note these two posts that will capture the pins of the Hip Plates:

Fit the Shell onto the Rear Center Armor and Central Leg Support, capturing the Hip Plates in between:

Here, you can see how the pins of the Hip Plates are captured between the two larger assemblies:

Secure the Shell and Rear Center Armor together with two (2) LP screws, as shown:

Further secure the Central Leg Support to the Shell with one (1) QP screw:

That step completes this issue. We should now be able to open and close both Hip Plates as well as the two previous Pelvis plates:

While not utilized in this issue, we were also provided the first section of our smaller ‘work’ Base. The assembly process for the larger Premium Base has its own set of articles here at my site if you are looking for them:


So far, most of the issues in this build seem to have us build small individual assemblies that are stored for later. However, in this issue, we were able to bring together the parts from multiple issues to finish this pelvis section! Keep this assembly and the first Base section safely stored until we need them later on:

Next Up

Issue 71 – Central Leg Support 4, Base Rear

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