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“Assembly of the elements for the part below the waist continues with the shell and spring mechanism that will join it to the body of the armor.”




Materials: The Spring is metal, and the other parts here are plastic.


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Central Leg Support (2)

Stage 1

Fit the Spring over this pin on the inside of the Shell:

Fit the Support for the Spring over the Spring, capturing it in place, and secure the Support to the Shell with two (2) BP screws.

The Support also has angled sides (indicated below) to match the inner shape of the Shell – make sure it is orientated correctly when you install it:

The Support for the Spring also has a central ring that should face down onto the Spring to hold it in place:

This can be a bit tricky to hold in place and then insert the screws, just take your time:


I feel like this is the ‘codpiece’ of our Iron Man armor! Keep the two Rotational Base parts stored safely until needed later on.

Next Up

Issue 67 – Central Leg Support 3 (Coming Soon)

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