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“Now that the limbs have been completed, it is time to start assembling the middle of the Mark III armor with this vital structure element.”




Materials: The Spring is metal, but the other parts here are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – Siege: Target – Asgard
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – The Defender: Daredevil and Iron Man
  • The Armor – Nanobot Armor: Back From the Dead


Central Leg Support (1)

Stage 1 – Assembling the Support
Step 1

Fit the Spring over this pin of the Spring Holder:

While holding this Spring in place, fit the Spring Holder into the Central Leg Support 2, as shown.

There is a pin the free end of the Spring fits over (arrow below) and there are pivot pins on the Spring Holder (circled below) that fit into matching holes of the Central Leg Supports:

Step 2

Fit the Central Leg Support 1 to this Central Leg Support 2 assembly, capturing the Spring and Spring Holder inside.

Make sure both pivot pins of the Spring Holder are in the matching holes of the Central Leg Supports (circled below). While holding the two Central Leg Support parts together, you should be able to push this exposed tab (arrow below) into the Support and feel the resistance of the Spring:

Secure the two Central Leg Support parts together with three (3) LP screws:


Thankfully, we are building something other than arms and legs! This assembly is what we will eventually attach our legs to.

Next Up

Issue 66 – Central Leg Support 2

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