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“The moment has arrived to joint the different elements of the right leg and to add some of the final decorative elements to the inner mechanism.”

This issue will be very similar to the work we we did on the Left Leg back in Issue 38, Issue 40, and Issue 41.



Materials: The Inner Support Plate for the Leg is metal and the other parts are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – Hero Against Hero
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Civil War: Whose Side Are You On?


The Right Leg (3)

Stage 1 – Connecting the Knee Joint to the Thigh and Shin Guard
Step 1

Retrieve your Right Knee Joint assembly from Issue 51 and Right Thigh assembly from Issue 57. Fit the hole in the angled tab of the Upper Right Knee Joint over this post of the Right Thigh assembly.

Make sure the locating pin of the Right Thigh slides into the matching alignment hole of the Upper Right Knee Joint, as shown:

Secure the Upper Right Knee Joint into place with one (1) NP screw:

Step 2

Retrieve your Right Shin Guard assembly from Issue 58. Align the tab of the Right Knee Lower Joint over the matching posts of the Right Shin, as shown:

Secure the Right Knee Lower Joint to the Right Shin with two (2) IM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Stage 2 – Joining the Foot to the Leg
Step 1

Retrieve your Right Foot assembly from Issue 54 and remove the Upper piece covering the battery compartment. Fit the Lower Right Leg over these posts of the Right Shin assembly.

NOTE: You may notice extra wiring in the pictures below. These are part of my custom Central Lighting mod.

Step 2

Then, fit the Inner Support Plate for the Leg over the same posts and secure the Support Plate to the Right Shin with three (3) EM screws, capturing the Lower Right Leg in between:

Stage 3 – Fitting the Leg Circuits
Step 1

Retrieve your Circuit Board assembly from the previous issue. Fit this assembly inside the lower leg and secure it into place with three (3) AM screws:

Step 2

Press the two pins of each Interior Mechanism for the Leg (60B) into the matching holes along the top edge of the Circuit Board.

Remember, the pins/holes of these parts are different sizes, so they will only fit together one way.

As with the left leg, I painted these Interior Mechanisms to add some color variations to them:


It feels like slow progress, but our Right Leg is coming together nicely!

Next Up

Issue 61 – Right Leg 4

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