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“This issue continues the assembly of the plates for the right thigh, which are necessary to complete this part of the Mark III armor.”

This issue will be very similar to the work we we did on the Left Thigh back in Issue 36.



Materials: The Interior Thigh Plate and Rear Thigh Plate 1 are metal and the last part is plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – Future Heroes Avengers: The Initiative
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Madame Masque: Love Behind the Mask
  • The Armor – Ultra Modular Armors: Two By Two


The Right Thigh (2)

Stage 1 – Rear Thigh Plates
Step 1

Press the two pins of the Rear Thigh Plate 2 into the matching recess and holes of the Rear Thigh Plate 1, as shown:


One and done! Keep these parts stored safely until we need them later.

Next Up

Issue 56 – Right Thigh 3

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