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“The ankle joint is especially important for the stability of your model, so the assembly of the joint must be as firm as possible.”

This issue will be very similar to the work we we did on the Left Ankle Joint back in Issue 35.



Materials: The Lower Right Leg is metal, but the remaining parts in this issue are plastic.


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  • The Armor – Deep Space Armor: A Knight in Space


The Right Ankle Joint (1)

Stage 1 – Assembling the Ankle
Steps 1-2

Fit the two Ankle Joint Washers on either side of the Lower Right Leg.

The notches in the Ankle Washers should be aligned to the notch in the Lower Right Leg, as shown:

Steps 3-4

Retrieve your Right Foot assembly from Issue 47 and temporarily remove the magnetic Upper armor plate.

While holding these Ankle Joint Washers in place, slide the rounded end of this Lower Right Leg down into the bracket of the Ankle Joint. Then, slide the keyed post of the Ankle Pivot (54C in this issue) through the outside of the Ankle Joint on the Right Foot to align these parts together, as shown:

The angled chunk of the Lower Right Leg should be facing forward, as shown.

NOTE: You may notice extra wiring in the pictures below. These are part of my custom Central Lighting mod.

Stage 2 – Securing the Ankle
Step 1

Fit the Ankle Cover Disc on the opposite side of the Ankle Joint, aligning the notch as shown:

Step 2

Secure the Right Ankle assembly together with one (1) MP screw from the outer side of the Foot:

Tighten this screw so the joint movement is quite stiff, but still allows you to rotate Lower Right Leg:

That completes this issue. You can replace the magnetic Upper armor plate.


If you find any of the ankle joints loose, you should tighten them up now. This may even require opening up the foot to tighten the base cover for the ankle joint.

Next Up

Issue 55 – Right Thigh 2

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