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“This is the start of the assembly of the right knee, which will form the joint for the leg. This assembly is equivalent to the one in Issue 29 but bear in mind that the pieces are symmetrical.”

This issue will be very similar to the work we we did on the left knee back in Issue 29.



Materials: Both of the parts in this issue are metal.


  • The History of Iron Man – Hypervelocity: A Few Hours to the Limit
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Crimson Dynamo: The Armor Always Returns
  • The Armor – Rebel Armor: Welcome to Hell


The Right Knee Joint (1)

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Right Knee Joint
Steps 1-2

Fit the Right Knee Gear Ring over the matching posts at this location inside the Cover of Right Knee Joint, with the gear teeth facing up as shown. Secure this into place with two (2) LM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


Wow, that issue went by fast! Keep this assembly nearby as we will continue working on it in the next issue.

Next Up

Issue 49 – Right Knee Joint 2

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