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“With this issue, you will being assembling the left thigh. These pieces faithfully reproduce the elaborate modeling of this part of the armor.”




Materials: Everything is plastic in this issue.


  • The History of Iron Man – Maximum Security: Space Prison
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Ultimate Universe: Marvel in the New Century
  • The Armor – Hypervelocity: One Step Further


The Left Thigh (1)

Stage 1 – Thigh Armor
Step 1

Fit the Outer Thigh into the Outer Thigh Armor Plate, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Step 2

Secure the Outer Thigh to the Outer Thigh Armor Plate with three (3) AP screws:

Steps 3-4

Fit the Outer Knee Pad under the curved edge of the Outer Thigh as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) AP screws:


I do love the look of these parts and the paintwork, but I wish there was more to do in each issue!

Next Up

Issue 35 – Left Ankle Joint

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