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“In this issue, the different parts of the left hand are assembled, including the fingers, the wrist, and the LED screen. This completes the left hand, which can then be fitted to the arm.”

This issue will be similar to Issue 3 and finally brings all of the Left Hand parts together.



Materials: The Palm of the Hand is metal, but the other non-electronic parts are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – The Iron Age: Back to the Beginning
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Spider-Man Team-Ups: Repulsors and Webshooters
  • The Armor – Ablative Armor: Destruction Test


The Left Hand (4)

Stage 1 – Screen and LED Set
Step 1

Fit the Screen into the Palm of the Hand, aligning the part over the alignment pin (arrow below), then secure the Screen into place with two (2) BM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Fit the switch of the LED Assembly into this notch on the battery case of the same LED Assembly, as shown:

Step 3

Retrieve your Back of Hand from the previous issue. While holding the switch in place, fit the entire battery case of the LED Assembly into the Back of Hand as shown, then secure the battery case into place with two (2) IP screws:

Stage 2 – Positioning the Fingers
Step 1

Retrieve your Joint from the previous issue. Slide the Joint into this groove at the base of the Back of Hand, as shown:

To prevent the same electrical short I ran into with the Right Hand, I put a piece of electrical tape over the exposed solder point to insulate it. We also want to make sure all of the wiring (and the tiny circuit board) is tucked inside the inside the Back of Hand here:

Step 2

Retrieve your Finger assemblies from the previous three issues. Fit the pins on the serrated tabs of the Finger assemblies into these recesses of the Back of Hand, as shown.

From top to bottom in this picture, the fingers are 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L and 5L:

Step 3

Fit the Palm assembly down onto the Back of the Hand.

Make sure all of the wiring is clear of these two parts as you bring these parts together:

After I fitted these parts together, I discovered that my thumb and index finger were quite loose and wobbly at the base joints to the Palm. To fix this, I simply lined the joints with small bits of Blu Tack putty. This added enough resistance to stiffen up my joints:

Step 4

Secure the Back of the Hand to the Palm from the other side with three (3) EM screws:

Stage 2 – Battery Cover and Guard
Step 1

Insert the CR1025 battery (supplied in this issue or the previous one) into the battery case of the LED Assembly, with the positive (+) side of the battery touching the spring.

Using a pair of tweezers here to compress the spring can make installing this battery easier. Once this battery is installed, you can push the switch of the LED Assembly to test the operation of the repulsor light:

Fit the Battery Cover into place over the battery opening and secure it closed with one (1) EP screw.

The Battery Cover on this hand did not want to sit down flush into the opening. I needed to sand the edges of the Battery Cover to make it fit:

Step 2

Retrieve your Hand Protector from the previous issue. Place the Hand Protector into place on top of the Back of the Hand as shown. It will hold itself in place with magnets:

Stage 4 – Assembling the Hand on the Arm
Step 1

Retrieve your Left Arm assembly from Issue 24 and firmly push this Left Hand onto the exposed ball joint of the Left Forearm, as shown.

If your Hand Protector fell off of the Left Hand assembly during this step, simply snap it back onto the magnet:


Popping the hands on to the Forearm joint can be quite scary. It takes quite a bit of force and I felt like I was going to snap something, but it did snap into place finally without any damage. Thankfully, this issue completes the tedious assembly of all of the arms and hands!

Next Up

Issue 29 – Left Knee Joint 1

2 thoughts on “ISSUE 28”

  1. Hi, thank you very, very much for this amazing site.

    Just to advice that there are no BP screws in this issue. The correct one´s are IP. I´m referring at step 3.

    Grettings from Mexico, and thank you again for all the effort you do to make this web page available to all of us.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! This has been fixed. Turns out we used different screws for the left and right hands, that is why I messed up the text.

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