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“In this issue, you complete the little finger of the left hand. The rest of the pieces are used in the assembly of the hand, which will be completed in the next issue.”

This issue will be similar to Issue 3, but only contains the final finger of the Left Hand.



Materials: The Hand Protector is metal, while the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – Return: The Heroes’ Comeback
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – The Politician: Mr. Stark Goes to Washington
  • The Armor – Thorbuster Armor: Stark Under the Hammer


The Left Hand (3)

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Little Finger
Step 1

Identify the three parts marked ‘5L’ for the left Little Finger. Fit the serrated tabs of each part into the matching slot of the next larger part. Secure the base knuckle to the middle section with one (1) FP screw:

Step 2

Secure the fingertip to the middle section with one (1) CP screw.

As before, make sure you can fully ‘curl’ and extend this finger. If the screws are too tight, the joints will not be able to move:


We have finally finished the last finger of the Left Hand. The other parts in this issue were not used this time, so keep them nearby as we will need them in the next issue.

Next Up

Issue 28 – Left Hand 4

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