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“In this issue, you’ll complete the left arm with a protective plate, and the shoulder assembly begins with the support for the shoulder armor.”

Since this issue is exactly the same as Issue 13, just with the Left Arm parts of the model, I will summarize the steps here.



Materials: Everything in this issue is metal, except for the plastic Arm Plate.


  • The History of Iron Man – Age of Apocalypse: A Mutant Dystopia
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – War Machine: Armor Crash
  • The Armor – S.K.I.N. Armor: Technological Change


The Left Arm (2) and Shoulder (1)

Stage 1 – Arm Plate
Step 1

Retrieve your Left Arm assembly from the previous issue. Press the pin and square post of the Arm Plate into the matching holes at this location on the Left Arm, as shown.

This is a press-fit connection and does not require any screws:

Stage 1 – Shoulder Frame Spring
Steps 1-2

Fit the rounded tabs of the Shoulder Support between the exposed ends of the Frame as shown, align the center holes, and start inserting the Shoulder Frame Pin through the holes of the Frame and Shoulder Support:

Fit the Shoulder Frame Spring between the tabs of the Shoulder Support so the L-shaped end of the spring is resting in the notch of the Shoulder Support and the straight end of the spring is resting in the notch of the Frame, as shown.

As you align the ends of this Shoulder Frame Spring into the appropriate notches, slide the Shoulder Frame Pin all the way in to hold it in place:


We will complete this Left Arm in the next issue, then begin work on the Left Hand.

Next Up

Issue 24 – Left Shoulder 2

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