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“In this issue, the assembly of the left shoulder joint continues. It is important that the position of the springs is correct, so that the joint is held firm.”

This issue is exactly the same as Issue 11, just with the Left Arm parts of the model.



Materials: The Frame and Frame Springs are metal, but the other parts are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – Heart of Darkness: The Mandarin’s Master Plan
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Stark Industries: Inventing the Future
  • The Armor – Moon Armor: A Prototype Too Far?


The Left Shoulder Joint (2)

Stage 1 – Assembling the Left Shoulder Frame
Steps 1-2

Retrieve your Left Shoulder Joint assembly from the previous issue. Loosely secure the closed ring end of a Frame Spring to this post on the side of the Shoulder Joint assembly with one (1) HP screw, as shown.

Do not fully tighten this screw yet as the Frame Spring should still be able to rotate. As with the previous shoulder, make sure the coils of these Frame Springs are above the screw (not next to the Shoulder Joint), as shown:

In the same way, secure the closed ring end of the other Frame Spring to this post on the opposite side of the Shoulder Joint assembly with one (1) more HP screw:

Step 3

Slide the Frame onto the Shoulder Joint assembly with this notch (circled below) facing the ‘body side’ of the shoulder, as shown:

Step 4

Using tweezers, hook the open ends of the two Frame Springs over these posts on both sides of the Frame, as shown.

Once these springs are hooked in place, you can fully tighten both of the HP screws:

Check that the Frame can be pulled out of the Shoulder Joint a bit and the springs retract it back into place:

Stage 2 – Joint Cover
Steps 1-3

Press the two pins of each Shoulder Cover into the matching holes on both sides of the Shoulder Joint assembly.

The two Shoulder Covers are exact opposites of each other. They have two different sized pins and a notch for the Frame, so each one will only fit on one side of the joint correctly. Here, the Shoulder Cover marked ‘L1’ has been pushed into place:

And here, the Shoulder Cover marked ‘L2’ has been pushed into place:


There is a lot of repetition when building a statuette, as we duplicate the left and right sides. But, it is all part of model building! Keep the unused Securing Plate nearby as it will be used in the next issue.

Next Up

Issue 22 – Left Arm 1

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