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“Assembly of the Battle Damaged version of the left leg continues with two of the gold plates for the front and side of the thigh.”

NOTE: I will not be installing these parts on my Iron Man model, but I did want to share the parts included with these extension issues.



Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – Journey to the Past: Tony Stark Versus Mephisto
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • Gallery – Classic Covers
  • In the Comics – Love in the Time of War
  • The Armor – Sapien Death Match: House of M


Battle Damaged • Left Leg (3)

NOTE: The steps to build this issue are the same as found in Issue 37.

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Front Thigh Plate

Carefully remove your Thigh Plate (37C from Issue 37) from the Left Thigh front and replace it with the Front Plate for Left Thigh.

TIP: You may need to use a flat edged tool to remove the original parts. I recommend something like these mobile repair plastic pry tools.

Stage 2 – Assembly of the Outer Thigh Plate

Carefully remove your Outer Thigh Plate (37A from Issue 37) from the Left Thigh side and replace it with the Outer Plate for Left Thigh.


These parts are also held in with a pair of pins and should be fairly easy to remove and replace.

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Issue 116 – Battle Damaged • Right Leg (1)

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