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“Assembly of the Battle Damaged version of the breastplate for the Mark III armour continues with these decorative elements.”

NOTE: I will not be installing these parts on my Iron Man model, but I did want to share the parts included with these extension issues.



Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


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Battle Damaged • Breastplate (3)

NOTE: The steps to build this issue are basically the same as those found in Issue 87

Stage 1 – Assembly of the Right and Left Side Details
Step 1

Press the two pins of each Right Side Detail into the matching holes at these right-side locations of the Breastplate.

All of these Side Details are marked. For the right side first, we will use the ‘R1’, ‘R2’, and ‘R3’ parts:

If needed, use a tiny amount of super glue to hold these Side Details into place:

Step 2

In the same way, press the pins of the Left Side Details (marked ‘L1’, ‘L2’, and ‘L3’) into the matching holes on the opposite side of the Breastplate. L1 is installed at the top, then L2 in the middle, and L3 at the bottom, as shown:

Stage 2 – Assembly of the Arc Reactor Cover
Step 1

Fit the ARC Reactor Cover through the hole inside the Breastplate, aligning the screw holes over the matching posts, and secure it into place with two (2) IP screws.

This Reactor Cover can accidentally be installed upside-down. Note how it has this thicker section:

Install the Cover into the Breastplate so the thicker part is at the bottom (arrow below):

You may want to start both screws, adjust the Cover as needed, then tighten both screws. Do not overtighten them as they can crack the plastic:


I am impressed with the damage details on this replacement breastplate, especially the circular blast marks!

Next Up

Issue 115 – Battle Damaged • Left Leg (3)

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