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“The elements of the Battle Damaged armour can either be progressively added to the main model or the assembly stage can be reserved until all the pieces have been collected.”

NOTE: I will not be installing these parts on my Iron Man model, but I did want to share the parts included with these extension issues.



Materials: The Hand Guard is metal and the other non-electrical parts are plastic.


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  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
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  • In the Comics – Alpha Flight: The Heroes of the North
  • The Armor – Ultimate: Back in Black


Battle Damaged • Right Arm

Stage 1 – Right Bicep Cover

Carefully remove and replace the Arm Plate (13A from Issue 13) from the Right Arm with the ‘damaged’ Bicep Right Cover.

You may need to use a flat edged tool to remove the original part. I recommend something like these mobile repair plastic pry tools:

Stage 2 – Right Elbow Protection

Build and install this ‘damaged’ Right Elbow Guard as per the steps of Issue 9:

Stage 3 – Cover for the Right Forearm

Carefully remove and replace the Right Forearm Cover (9A from Issue 9) with the ‘damaged’ Right Forearm Cover:


This stage makes up all of the ‘battle damage’ changes that affect the Right Arm of our Iron Man Mk III Armor.

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Issue 106 – Battle Damaged • Abdominal Armor (1)

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