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“In this issue, we begin assembling parts of the Mark III armour in its Battle Damaged version, beginning with Iron Man’s helmet.”

We completed the main Iron Man Armor build with Issue 100. Now, we are now receiving the optional extension Issues 101-120. I do not plan to use these on my own model, but I thought I would create the pages to share the parts and the results of each issue.



Materials: In this issue, the Helmet, Helmet Plate, and Mast are metal and the rest are plastic.


  • The History of Iron Man – Criminal Minds: Iron Man’s Dark Side
  • Step by Step – Model Instructions
  • In the Comics – Parallel Lives: The Fantastic Four
  • The Armor – Ironheart: Model 2


Battle Damaged • Helmet (1)

The steps to build this issue are the same as found in Issue 1. Use those instructions to complete this issue (except for the Mask).


So far, the process to build this Battle Damaged Helmet is the same as the original Helmet from Issue 1. The paintwork on this Helmet is quite good, showing scars and scrapes, but it is just paint and without any physical changes to the parts themselves.

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Issue 102 – Battle Damaged • Helmet (2)

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