A Fanhome First!

Fanhome is a new name in the partworks build-up world. In reality, it is just another face of DeAgostini, but I love the color scheme they are using on their website. So, I decided to go with purple accents on my new build site to give them a nod of appreciation!

Fanhome has recently started this 1:3 scale Iron Man Mark III Armor partwork build-up subscription and I thought I would give them a try. This will be first model from them. I am looking forward to it, so I hope we all really enjoy this one!


2 thoughts on “A Fanhome First!”

  1. Hallo zusammen!
    Ich möchte mal fragen, ob die Prduktion von Marvel Iron Man eingestellt wurde. Ich habe die ersten 3 Ausgaben gekauft, aber jetzt sind die nächsten Ausgaben nicht mehr erhältlich. Da ich diese Ausgaben für meinen Enkel sammle, find ich das sehr schade. Zudem wäre es keine gute Sache Ihrerseits, wenn sie die Kinder nun mit halbfertigen Teilen sitzen lassen. Ich bin darüber sehr verärgert und werde in Zukunft nicht mehr auf so etwas reinfallen.
    Freundliche Grüße Josef Fritsche
    (English Translation) – Hello everybody!
    I would like to ask if the production of Marvel Iron Man has been discontinued. I bought the first 3 issues, but now the next issues are no longer available. Since I collect these expenses for my grandson, I think that’s a shame. In addition, it would not be a good thing on your part if you now let the children sit with half-finished parts. I am very upset about this and will not fall for this again in the future.
    Kind regards Josef Fritsche

    1. I am not aware that they have discontinued it, but they are having shipping problems and emailed people saying there would be delays.

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